Accreditation Terms and Conditions

The International Association of DEVOPSON Certification (DevOpsOn) grants the status of Registered Education Partner (REP), Accredited Curriculum Provider (ACP) and Accredited Training Associate (ATA) to qualifying parties. The REP ACP, ATA and its designated representatives hereby acknowledge and agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions contained herein for the period the REP ACP, ATA shall hold this designation.


Accredited Courseware - the materials utilized by the REP ACP, or ATA for the belt courses taught by the REP ACP, or ATA as submitted to DevOpsOn for accreditation approval.

Accredited Instructors - course instructors granted the Accredited Training Associate (ATA) designation by DevOpsOn.

Acknowledging Party - the entity and/or person acknowledging acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Application Information - all information and documentation submitted to DevOpsOn by the REP ACP, or ATA during the application process including, but not limited to, company description, course Tables of Content, Delivery Schema, training management systems and instructors.

Certification - designations bestowed upon individuals who successfully complete an DevOpsOn Certification Examination.

Delivery Schema - the manner by which the course material is presented to a student, including the amount of classroom time, mentoring time and/or online modules.

DevOpsOn Certification Examination - an examination given to a candidate seeking Certification by DevOpsOn.

DevOpsOn Marks - the badges, logos and other DevOpsOn trademarked symbols provided to the REP ACP, or ATA for use in displaying their accredited status.

DevOpsOn Marks Usage Policy - the terms and conditions to which the Member agrees relative to the usage and display of the DevOpsOn Marks.

Member - any individual or entity that maintains a professional relationship with DevOpsOn as an accredited entity or a certified party.

DevOpsOn REP ACP, and ATA Business Practices:

Marks Usage: DevOpsOn authorizes an REP ACP, or ATA the right to display such a designation by using the DevOpsOn Marks provided to the REP ACP, or ATA in accordance with the terms and conditions of the DevOpsOn Marks Usage Policy. An REP ACP, or ATA shall not place any DevOpsOn Marks on certificates issued by the REP ACP, or ATA for their own certification.

Upon expiration or termination of the REP ACP, or ATA accreditation, the REP ACP, or ATA agrees to immediately cease (1) using, directly or indirectly, all DevOpsOn Marks; and/or (2) making any representation or implication that the former REP ACP, or ATA has any continuing relationship with DevOpsOn. The foregoing two specific restrictions shall be hereinafter referred to collectively as the "Usage Restrictions." The REP ACP, or ATA acknowledges and agrees that any breach of the Usage Restrictions will result in irreparable injury, the remedies at law will be inadequate, and in addition to any other remedy DevOpsOn may have (including but not limited to those set out herein), DevOpsOn shall be entitled to the specific performance of the Usage Restrictions, as well as both temporary and permanent injunctive relief (notwithstanding any limitations in law or equity, such as being required to post a bond). The REP ACP, or ATA acknowledges and agrees that damages flowing from any breach of the Usage Restrictions are not readily susceptible to being measured in monetary terms; therefore, in the event of breach, DevOpsOn will be entitled to collect liquidated damages from the REP ACP, or ATA in the amount of $1,000 per day for each day that the REP ACP, or ATA is in breach of any Usage Restriction; provided, however, DevOpsOn shall provide at least 10 calendar days to cure any breach of a Usage Restriction, and in the event the breach is cured within 10 calendar days from the date DevOpsOn sends notice of the breach via email, the REP ACP, or ATA will not be liable for the applicable liquidated damages that have accrued.

An REP ACP, or ATA must present the Accreditation Badge and link to the REP ACP, or ATA's DevOpsOn Accredited Profile on the REP ACP, or ATA's website and/or online professional networking profiles.

Course Offerings: For the term of the accreditation issued by DevOpsOn, the REP ACP, or ATA agrees to offer DevOpsOn belt courses substantially consistent with the Application Information approved by DevOpsOn and agrees to notify DevOpsOn of any deviations to the programs offered, including content covered, Delivery Schema and/or methods within 30 days of any such changes.

Instructor Qualification: The REP or ACP must always maintain a designated Accredited Instructor (ATA), and DevOpsOn must be immediately notified in writing if the ATA changes.

DevOpsOn maintains the right to revoke the privilege of the REP ACP, or ATA to act as a proctor for the DevOpsOn paper-based exams should the exam results of the REP ACP, or ATA deviate in results significantly from the norm (i.e. excessively high scores, similar scores between examinees, etc.) for other exam sources maintained by DevOpsOn. In such instances, DevOpsOn may require the REP ACP, or ATA to have their course participants sit for the DevOpsOn Certification Examination through the web-based system provided by DevOpsOn.

The REP ACP, or ATA acknowledges the content of the DevOpsOn Certification Examinations are proprietary information owned by DevOpsOn and shall therefore not be copied or reproduced or utilized in any manner not described herein or in any associated documentation referenced herein.

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